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Are you a guy that wants to have better health, moreover that chiseled body everyone seems to have? Well, I got you covered. In this article you’re going to learn about effective dietary tips for men; that secures lasting health effects of a lifetime.

First, What Is Wrong With My Body?

There is a big chance, although it is with no offense to tell you; that you might be obese, as the statistic shows that nearly three out of four men suffer from obesity; or either, being overweight. Subsequently; it is also proven how roughly 50% of men do not partake in physical activities, even as fast as 10 minutes. 

Moreover, men, who are our father figures; have a major impact on kid’s food choices, specifically; how kids often eat fast foods and other restaurants. Processed foods account for the habit they have seen in their fathers; and this leads to their own risk of weight problems. Simply put, it is a never-ending cycle, only if we are not able to cut it. 

So, let’s grab the scissors and let me cut the never ending bad health cycle; and help you live much better healthier lifestyle choices, and healthful habits that are conscious and liberating. 

Dieting Tips

A healthy diet for men consists of: 

  • Nearly 2 cups of fruits and 2 ½ cups of vegetables, this is to be integrated every day to get vitamins, minerals, fibers; as well as phytochemicals that will improve; that supports all the varying systems of men’s body. 
  • Whole grains. There must be at least half of all grains as whole grains for everyday food choices. Men should start replacing refined grains that are full of sugar, are inflammatory; and linked to weight gain with whole-grain bread, cereal, pasta, oats, and brown rice. 
  • Men should get an average of 25 to 34 grams of fiber every day to support their gut health. 
  • There must be two to three servings of healthy fish every week. Fish are good for men’s prostate health, mental, sexual as well as heart health. Moreover, it accounts for joint health maintenance, as well as keeping our senses up and sharp. 
  • Saturated fats, such as full-fat dairy foods, butter; and high-fat foods must be diminished and replaced with healthy unsaturated fats such as oils, nuts; and oil-based dressings for salads. 
  • Men should get 3,400 milligrams of potassium every day, be it from supplements, or fruits, vegetables; fish as well as dairy. Men benefit from potassium as it helps in regulating fluid balance in the body, alongside improvements of heart and other muscle; and reduces the risk for unwanted bone diseases. Surprisingly, it is also associated with a reduced risk for cardiovascular diseases. 
  • Men should go beyond their meat consumption by opting for more servings of seafood, and plant-based sources. Foods like beans, peas, and soy, as well as healthy nuts, seeds, and avocado fats; will reduce their risk for unwanted cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, this all in all supports healthy weight maintenance, trimming down unwanted body fats. 


  • It is greatly encouraged by physicians and fitness experts alike that men should vary their fitness routine; as alternating the exercise activities helps them to stay motivated to partake in it. Moreover; this holds great healthful significance, for men’s minds and bodies, as it will view it as an exciting and fulfilling mission. 
  • To integrate it and to keep your body guessing; you are encouraged to try a good mix of cardio workouts like running or opt for yoga, strength training, martial arts, even dancing.
  • If you are obese, strength training can do wonders for your body as it focuses on building calorie-burning muscle; and you do not have to lift weights in the gym; sweating and frustrated for hours, as you can do it at home, and push up is a great strength training example that is both convenient and effective.  
  • Cardio exercises are easy to integrate to. These heart-healthy and calorie-burning exercises can be done as simply as walking and running, be it for work, grocery; or leisure. At work, you are encouraged to take the stairs instead, and park your car a little further away, so you’ll get your heart rate up, and your fat tone down. 

Lifestyle Modifications 

  • Quitting smoking for good.
  • Quitting or engaging in low alcoholic beverages.
  • Setting realistic diet and fitness goals. 
  • Building up a routine for both food choices, and exercises choices, weekly.
  • Increasing protein intake.
  • Drinking enough water.
  • Opting for baking and roasting, instead of grilling or frying.
  • Replacing your favorite damaging fast food restaurant, with healthy restaurant options, they exist. 
  • Trying at least one new exciting recipe, or exercise per week. 
  • Cooking at home more frequently.
  • Integrating good sleeping hygiene.
  • Eating on smaller plates.
  • Drinking black coffee.
  • Do not shop without a concrete, healthy grocery list.
  • Take your vitamins and minerals supplement on those you are deficient in.


There are times when really, I want to change the definition of man being strong, not in being aggressive but in being healthy. Living a healthy lifestyle, having a great physique, and navigating life with healthy habits accounts for great accountability that most men do not have the chance to do so, or has been robbed by the opportunity, or has started late to have it. With this, I hope as a man you decided to be strong, in the most genuine way possible, take a leap of faith leaving all of your destructive health lifestyle, man up and take accountability for your health and wellness. After all, regardless of our identity, we humans strive when we are in our healthiest state, so it is better, and highly encouraged, that we do something about it. 

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