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I think we can all agree how society labeling men to always be strong and courageous left them to negatively impact their health, to just stand up and go about their day without taking care of themselves, they are always on the go, immediately turning on their courageous side, filling their day with all their responsibilities and societal expectations without filling themselves up first.

And this has led to heartbreaking, factual statistics. As time passes by, more men are breaking down, both physically and mentally. Let us dive in further. 

  • Men are three times more likely to take their own lives, compared to women.
  • Men in their midlife are overwhelmingly dependent on their partner to fulfill emotional support and assurance.
  • Marriage breakdown is a great cause of men’s suicide
  • Men are not open about counseling and therapy, regardless of how crucial it is, and the time they have decided to go to therapy are times of absolute crisis. 
  • Men aging 18 to 44 are less likely to have their health checked by a doctor, compared to women.

I do also observe how media are centered mostly on women and all the self-care, wellness innovations account for them as well, while it is generally helpful, life-changing, thoughtful, and uplifting, we should also have men join the picture, and make them feel that they are deserving of taking care of themselves, and that is what we are going to tackle now, in hopes of making other men who are out there to look, feel, and be their best selves yet. Let’s get started 

Physical Aspect of Wellness 

Visit your doctors.

Men are notorious, they hold the title for ignoring doctor’s appointments as well as getting their symptoms ruled out. This adds clarity to why women generally live longer. If you are a man, the bare minimum you can give your physical aspect of wellness is to get a yearly check up, even if you are certain that you are 100% healthy. Doctors are there to help you, in maintaining your weight, monitoring your blood pressure and leveling your cholesterol in your blood as these three, if remained unchecked and worsened will heighten your risk for cardiovascular disease. Doctors can recommend lifestyle modifications, medications and treatments that will help you navigate your life in the healthiest way possible. 

Eat whole natural foods as much as possible.

Packaged and processed foods are typically full of salt, sugar, unhealthy fats, calories as well as harmful artificial additives. Cut down those fake stuff and get real, add fruits and vegetables, whole grain products, fiber rich foods, make way to eat lean meat and poultry, as well as healthy fishes. 

Get hyped up with exercises.

Doing exercises lowers the risk of heart disease, one of the leading causes of death among men. It can also  aid in maintaining an overall healthy state of physical and mental health.

Emotional Aspect of Wellness 
Educate yourself about male societal expectations and traditional gender roles, reject ones you do not feel the best to abide by.

Men do not have to be strong at all times, men can cry, men do not have the urge to be dominant, men do not have to obsess over control of things. Abiding by these expectations will only burn yourself and your energy down, together with the tendency to ruin your self worth and how you handle relationships with other people. 

Focus on being yourself, rather than being a “man”.

Try to navigate your daily life conscious about how you do things in unnecessary, damaging manly ways such as driving fast, drinking excessively, catcalling women and avoiding doing feminine things. Be true and be better, for you and for others as well. 

Get your adequate sleep everyday.

This is the base action of achieving both mental and emotional well-being. Mental health and sleep correlates, it helps you to be more productive, more able to cope with daily life and adversities, helps you to be confident with your self-esteem and less likely to be anxious, worried and stressed. 

Social Aspect of Wellness 

Hang out with your friends and family.

What we need in life is connection, that boy’s night and family gatherings. Research shows that our social ties help us in surviving health problems, makes you a lot happier and surprisingly can prolong your life. 

Fall in love.

Romantic relationships are a great relationship to have in our lifetime, and in men, this provides positive feelings of companionship, happiness, healthier behaviors and greater sense of purpose and fulfillment in life.

Help other people.

There exists research that shows how helping other people reduces our blood pressure, our stress levels and chronic pain. It decreases the risk of acquiring depression, and even shows linked to having a longer life. 

Spiritual Aspect of Wellness  

Explore your spiritual core.

Start introspecting about the person you are and your meaning. What are your purposes and your values. Questions like these help you to achieve a greater life fulfillment.

Think positively.

Viewing things in light of positivity will get your mind into a happy and healthy place. 

Believe in a greater being.

Explore different religions and find what suits you best, teachings of religion can give you a life full of good morals, inner strength and courage to face life and a sense of belonging. 

Intellectual Aspect of Wellness 

View reading as a fun activity.

Literature exists in a wide set of genres that you will surely find one that suits you. Reading can improve your intellect as it exercises your mind to use your imagination. 


Writing can help you express your closeted feelings, and can help you gain perspective of your situation. Being able to express your feelings as well as understanding yourself can increase your intellectual wellness as it exposes your mind to think deeper. 

Improve a skill of yours.

This helps in honing your critical thinking skills, hones discipline, determination as well as helping you better succeed in life. 

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